Rug & carpet cleaning in Cambridge

Our company provide comprehensive and reliable rug & carpet cleaning within the area of Cambridge and nearest surroundings. We can offer you the best qualified team of carpet cleaners to effectively wash and clean all the carpets and rugs.

We operate on the best and latest-technology equipment. Recall that each carpet cleaning work is different as regards time consumption. Both the cost and the time of service depend on the following:

  • the amount of carpets to be cleaned,
  • the amount of cleaning devices and chemicals to be used,
  • the range of cleaning works to be done,

Wide variety of cleaning equipment & skilled cleaners.

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We carefully examine each individual dirt and stain on carpets, rugs and upholstery and prepare the unique cleaning service for you. Our professional cleaning contractors will use the best chemicals and equipment to make the cleaning fully effective and attractively priced.


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For further information just contact us:

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