Cleaning services Cambridge

We offer wide variety of cleaning services performed to highest standards by our dedicated and experienced cleaning specialists.

Please see the services we offer below:


Office Cleaning



We offer a wide range of professional and comprehensive cleaning services for business and institutional Clients. Our offer includes both one-time and regular service delivery and housekeeping. We are also happy to assist you in the absence of your current service provider. We are extremely flexible regarding the working hours and we offer a 24h service delivery.

Office cleaning: the range of tasks is similar to housekeeping services and consists of the following: emptying bins, dusting furniture, desktops, telephone handsets and other appliances, cleaning doors and glass surfaces, cleaning floors, vacuuming and maintaining communal and sanitary facilities. We also provide seasonal window cleaning services and carpet cleaning solutions. We are happy to look after your outdoor areas including home and company’s garden care.

In addition to our comprehensive cleaning offer we provide a repair service package called ‘The Handyman’ that proves really useful during minor office malfunctions.

We will also supply your office with the essentials: soap, tissue, hand towels and we guarantee attractive pricing!

The entire process of our service delivery depends on our Client’s personal requirements ranging from the list of tasks to the choice in cleaning products. So it is YOUR opinion that matters the most to us and YOUR satisfaction that determines our success!


Communal cleaning

We offer a wide range of cleaning and maintenance services for flats, housing developments, retirement complexes and court housing. The services we provide are as follows: stairwell cleaning, corridor cleaning, lift cleaning, garage cleaning, attic and basement cleaning. We maintain outdoor areas and access roads including lawn mowing, pruning and basic garden care.

We will carry out disinfection in the most neuralgic parts of the building like refuse chutes and garages.

Occupants’ safety and comfort is paramount and we will thoroughly clean and maintain the playground areas and even plough the snow during the winter time!


Commercial and shopping areas

Cleanliness in commercial and shopping settings plays a key part in customer service strategies attracting customers to return and enjoy these settings. We provide the highest level of cleaning services by customising the delivery of cleaning methods to individual requirements, design and character specifics of the premises. Maintaining a sterile and healthy environment especially within the NHS estates and facilities, hair salons and beauty parlours is at the very heart of our company’s mission. It is where Clients should feel the safest and most comfortable. In order to ensure that, our services are delivered by specially trained staff and the usage of a range of professional hygiene products and equipment.


Building sites and post-refurbishment cleaning

Cleaning the building sites and post-refurbishment areas is one of the most time-consuming and daunting tasks, so let us do it for you! We will deal with the hard-to-remove stains, from water-based acrylics, through acid-based chemical stains to concrete stains by using bespoke technologies, specialist detergents and equipment. Individual attempts may sometimes damage the surface but with our assistance, your property will be pristine and ready to use in a short period of time.

In addition to our cleaning services, we will remove your post-refurbishment waste from your premises!


Commercial Business Cleaning

Commercial business cleaning services we provide are a professional and comprehensive way to keep your sites clean and inviting at all times. Our services include: commercial floors, walls, ceilings, glass surfaces and bathrooms cleans. Only strategic actions based on footfall and areas division of the premises prone to the dirt build-up can bring immediate solutions and long-lasting results.

Our services delivered by our experienced Team will dramatically improve the appearance of any commercial business site and your customers’ feedback.


Nursery, pre-school and school cleaning

We provide the highest standard of cleaning in child care settings. To meet parents expectations we have prepared a range of services and attractive pricing.

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