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Very good work, I am completely satisfied with them. Specially with my cleaner Mr Rafal. He has done a great job at both cleaning and being punctual. I have recommended Nicholas Cleaning Services to all my friends.

Ashknaz Oraee

Flat 61 Dakins House, Beech Drive, Cambridge


We have been enjoying Nicholas cleaning services for years now and it feels like they have become part of the family. They noticed our leaky boiler, they bring to our attention certain things that need to be done, on top of the most professional and effective weekly house cleaning that they do. They are often happy to carry out additional cleaning, when I am stuck with other things, which suits us perfectly. And they are quick! It would take me half a day to do what they do in a short period of time. I could not recommend their services more.

Vida Rajkovaca


Great service, professional and on time. Used to clean our windows and frames at the end of our tenancy. Very pleased with the result!!

Miss Beecheno and Mr Hoyles



I used Nicholas Cleaning for my last move as our estate agent insisted on us using a professional company. They did a wonderful job quickly and efficiently and at a reasonable price. It was an old medieval cottage yet it positively sparkled after they had finished. Thoroughly recommended.

M Newman, Cambridge

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